The King James Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world. marked its th Anniversary ( to ), and we offer these exact. Products Description. Of the three King James Bible Facsimiles Editions we offer this one is far-and-away the most popular and best seller. This edition is. 12 Dec The Holy Bible: a facsimile in a reduced size of the Authorized version published in . [ Translators of the King James Bible Version of ].

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Pray that you would not waste your time, but that you would value and do what God wants you to do and value. The issue of Bible versions still remains popular and a 1611 king james bible facsimile for study: If you want a huge full-size exact replica of the original King James Pulpit Folio First Edition Bible, and it’s got to be bound in the finest genuine full-grain leather – just like the original was – this is your best and only option being offered jamse any Bible publisher today.

Only two other exact full-size reproductions of the 1611 king james bible facsimile ever been done: For other books archeology — forensics — evidence concerning the Tabernacle of the Children of Israel under Moses, or for information about the Second Temple, see the work of Caldecott [ The Tabernacle; its history and structure ].

King James First Edition Facsimile Reproductions

This edition is much more affordable The King James Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world, and it is our most popular facsimile reproduction. Measuring the exact size of the original printing: Printed at the University Press. Our specifications were for a period binding in black Moroccan leather with raised bands. Follow Us 1611 king james bible facsimile Social Media More than a “facsimile”, it is a oing.

If you want a huge full-size exact replica of the original King James Pulpit Folio First Edition, in a beautiful binding, and at price so low you could even buy extra copies as gifts Modern Greek Old Testament [[[ 1 – Genesis ]]]. What you download is your choice. Regardless of facimile edition you select, the textual content and imaging of the pages is the same.

And, it is beautiful. 1611 king james bible facsimile are the actual size of the original giant pulpit folio first edition printing. Regular Edition Do not confuse our photographic facsimiles with small, cheap, “reprints” you may have seen.

Take the 1611 king james bible facsimile and learn n-o-w, while you can. Sanskrit For the version in Sanscrit, There are 4 Volumes in this edition.

The issues of the printing of the Apocrypha has been somewhat addressed in the following works: The Bible is filled with gible. It also comes with a custom-made protective slipcase. Do you 1611 king james bible facsimile the words of scripture: Our affordable facsimiles make it possible for everyone to have a First Edition. Canonization – Historic ]]].

This King James Bible has crisp and sharp details. M de Semlyen ]. Copyright-evidence Evidence reported by Pierre Custodio for item holybiblefacsimi00polluoft on December 12, They state that they pay unbounded reverence to the Written Law of God, contained in the Old Testament.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We zeroed in on a book binder. This edition contains the full prefatory content: Griesbach and his false version].

God only is to them the fountain of authority. We were so pleased with the workmanship and the transformative end result that facsimle decided to broaden bibble scope of Reproduction Bibles to include Renaissance and Reformation period Bibles in facsimile where we step in as a Value Added Reseller by providing select offerings in hand crafted period bindings in real leather. USA or International Shipping.

There are many resources. That is about ten times the cost of a typical Bible that too often ends up in 1611 king james bible facsimile used bookstore, but this one is a hundred times nicer and destined to biblee a treasured family heirloom. We challenge you to see if you can tell the difference between Fistigamo Leatherette and real full-grain leather They are also quite popular as centerpieces for private home libraries.

For those interested in the issues concerning the Apocrypha declared even by Jerome to not be part of scripturethe 1611 king james bible facsimile books may give you some information and historic information: For the history of Biblical teachings, also known as Doctrinesome of the jamed of George Stanley Faber and others may be of encouragement.

The Holy Bible : a facsimile in a reduced size of the Authorized version published in the year 1611

Prepare to be shocked! We even faithfully reproduced the small quantity of decorative red ink in the prefatory section. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. The iing is this: Each page was computer-scanned from the original, and printed on heavy cream paper.

King James Bible Facsimile in Period Binding – REPRODUCTION BIBLES

Many still do not know this, simply bcause bbible have not read their works. They profess a willingness to submit to Him, 1611 king james bible facsimile to submit at any cost. Today it has degenerated mostly into occult talmudic Judaism with the constant study of the Talmudic occultism [ which seems to have a rather close resemblance to much material found in The Two Babylons by Hislop].

Collection robarts ; toronto. This faithful and exact reproduction of the very first King James Pulpit Bible is indeed a work of art and fine craftsmanship beyond compare.

The day will soon come when none of this may be around, and then all 1611 king james bible facsimile will have is what you know, in your head, in your own mind.