AUMA worm gearboxes meet or exceed the lifetime requirements of EN Lifetime for motor operation in accord- ance with AUMA load profil. Duty class. Consult AUMA’s entire AUMA actuators and valve gearboxes catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Search in AUMA catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the Combinations consisting of multi-turn actuators SA and part-turn gearboxes.

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Should an end stop break due to extreme overload, the housing is not damaged and the gearbox can be repaired. This is not possible in the basic version for gearbox sizes GS However, there are valves that do not have any internal end stops, e. Buried service The gearboxes are suitable for buried service if they are equipped with a protection cover instead of a pointer cover.

Further finalization and approval of the proposal takes even more time, as changes to each individual component lead to the recalculation of the proposal specifications and the total amount. It can be used as the basis to determine whether a device is suitable for the chosen application.

Actuator Catalogue for auma

It also provides the tools for automated document generation, storage and version control in several languages and layouts. Manually operated valves can also provide feedback signals if equipped accordingly. The pointer cover follows the catxlogue, continuously showing the valve position and can also be used as running indication.

Combining an SA multi-turn actuator with a GS worm gearbox results in a part-turn actuator. Auma India offers the widest range of solutions for torque requirements from 10 Nm to Nm suma or without integral starter for direct actuation and up to Nm in combination with gearboxes. Tank farms Industrial and catalkgue solutions: ZF A 7 Down angle, direct mount marine transmission. The output speeds are available from 4 – rpm. During trial run, if found necessary, the output speed can be easily changed by exchanging the change wheels at site.


This limit switching has four counter gears and four limit switches. After torque switch Depending upon type of valve, the actuator must be switched off at the end positions by limit switch or torque switch. Intermittent Duty S4A sequence of identical duty cycles, each cycle including a significant period of starting, a period of operation at constant load and a rest and de-energized period. Therefore a multi-turn actuator [2] or a handwheel [3] is mounted at the input flange of the anti-backdrive device.

NET technology enables business and application logic between server back-end database and Office client front-end. A descriptive definition of valve actuators Abstract A valve actuator is any device that utilizes a source of power to operate a gearnox. Type Electric Actuator Application Electric actuator for plant engineering and HVAC The actuator is a linear actuator with or without failsafe action available either in a version with a threestep.

The retaining or braking torque catalgue the combination between antibackdrive device and gearbox corresponds to at least the maximum output torque of the gearbox. Many applications require that the valve position is displayed locally. Actuators Technical data sheet CT Continuous control rotary drive without spring return Description Actuator for adjusting air dampers of 90 angle of rotation to be used in HVAC installations.

Feedback signals In order to provide a Catzlogue with information on the valve position, the manually operated worm gearbox can be equipped with a valve position indicator WSG For catzlogue with other dimensions please contact AUMA. The motors are used for short time duty S min.

Epac Actuator Controls The advantage of the Integral starter actuator control is to reduce planning, installation, commissioning time and costs for the end user. The reduction gear ratio needed for each particular case is fitted at works if the ratio is known.

It has to be verified whether the increased operating time caused by the additional reduction is acceptable. Automation of Auma document flow. We offered a system that would enable the AUMA sales manager to use the equipment product line database to quickly create extensive and detailed proposals and quotes in no time.

For an irrigation project in Malaysia large multi-turn GS gearboxes without end stops are used.

Year of Establishment The largest combinations provide torques up toNm. Two series-connected GS gearboxes are operated via one common multi-turn actuator to change the setting of a dual butterfly valve synchronously. ES Madrid Tel D. For sizes SA Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state cata,ogue of oriental art.

Ball valve C valve ball completely moulded in place, extremely low clearance volume, high k v value Advantage maximum safety due to valve ball completely moulded in place – ball and ball seat cannot be.

Single Micro SwitchLimit or torque switches in tandem version have additional switching contacts.

The heater is rated for continuous duty. For low cstalogue ratings, micro switches with gold plated contacts are available as an option. The mechanical position indicator requires reduction gear unit for operation.

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