The Compleat Magick – Volume I. July – May (Nr. 1 – ). Written by Bascom Jones. Work of Various. pages (Hardcover), published by. 10 Feb Bascom Jones (October 28, – March 23, ) was born in San in , Bascom put out the monthly publication Magick for mentalist. The Complete Magick, Volume I [Bascom Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Mystification Special user Posts. Stark’s routine with a borrowed deck. I wish him well. The habit must become easy.

Mike and Tony, I feel the same! Inspired by Follow-Up Steve Spillman It’s just irritating the way the ad states specifically Here is the information directly from him: One for the Surgeon General. Click – It is the ‘Five of Diamonds’! The Magic of Music Quicker Quick and the Dead. In the issues I have, there are one or two good ideas that could be fleshed out into something.

ESP brainwave and symbol found with pendulum. Dark Side of the Room.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Bascom Jones’ “Magick” (five-volume series) reprint

Mystery of the Feathered Serpent. Unpublished Wild Card Routine. Mentalism Cannot be Done in Pantomime. A Detective on Obtaining Information.

Without a Shadow of a Doubt. It should go without saying that I have no financial interest in these, but consider this a monumental set of books, that I don’t want to miss out on. For a decade I was told every time I came across Rich, “Volume 5 will be out soon”.

That may be an advantage. The Bills of Laredo. Stark Nathan Stark Variations Share of Mind Jules Lenier Shrieking Skull of Kabbalah. Does anyone know what exactly is missing? These will be ready in late Fall the site says October, but it is more likely November or so. I feel let down by a company that I supported for so many years. Variations Think Dot Sid Lorraine Rich may not even be involved with this project, and the whole print presentation may not be the same as the original volumes.

Ashes of the Phoenix. Considering the amount of money one had to spend to get a complete set this issue should have been addressed and set owners should have been given the opportunity to pre-order the 5th vol. By I gave up asking.

Bascom Jones

What in the World! Sets of books often become unbalanced in the marketplace, leaving a publisher with a couple of hundred copies of one of the books volumes in his inventory that nobody wants to buy, jines the other volume s sell on the used book market for 5 times as much, or become impossible to acquire.

You can be Successful on Television. Inspired by The Mortal Mind of Dr.