28 Mar Chanakya’s chant from Ashwin Sanghi is a supreme political fiction of present day that goes hand in hand with Chanakya’s story believed to have happened. Ashwin Sanghi’s first novel, The Rozabal Line was originally published in have created the incredibly haunting audio track of Chanakya’s Chant without. 25 Jun Book Review # Chanakya’s Chant By Ashwin Sanghi. Posted by Pradeep T. It is always difficult for any author to go for a historical fiction.

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Never interrupt the enemy while he is in the process of making a mistake.

Chanakya’s Chant

Focus on the bigger purpose and the rest of your manifesto will follow as a matter of course. It might seem at the outset that Sanghi is developing into a desi Dan Brown, given his penchant for history.

How even the minutest of differences can be exploitedhow major differences can be created with the know-how of the structure and how a battle can be won without bloodshed. Sep 30, Samadrita rated it liked it Shelves: The book takes the reader right into BC where Chanakya, a Brahmin youth vows revenge for the gruesome death of his father by the King of Magadh, Dhanananda. No trivia or quizzes yet.

A Pandit from Kanpur with financial banking from a merchant and manpower from a Muslim strongman manages From: Here the events are the key driving factors while detailing and characters become secondary.

Views Read Edit View history. Chanakya’s motive was to avenge his father’s death and put an end to Dhananda’s rule Gangasagar Mishrathe modern day avatar of Chanakya. As a person, there was no way that I could appreciate the ‘wisdom’ being propagated by either Chanakya or his modern avatar Professor Gangasagar Mishra- that ends justify the means, that all politics is dirty, that revealing your true feelings never serves any good- in short that you have to suppress everything that is human in you and be consumed by the ultimate aim.

However, the victories are easily achieved. More often than not the quotes, sentences and dialogues are a simplistic and literal translation of spoken Hindi into English, which leaves a lot to be desired. There are several instances where the media is cleverly used by devious politicians — MediaMafia, anyone?

The Book Lovers: Review: Chanakya’s Chant

It is quite entertaining and the history is not as wrong as in many other in its genre. Sep 09, Anand rated it it was ok. You should make money but help the country grow so that you can make more money. Wise men think all they say, fools say all they think.

Ashwin, lives in India, with his wife Anushika and son Raghuvir. The novel conveyed the feelings of revenge, a channelled angerfarsightedness and an ultimate goal of a united Bharat by Chanakya in the past and equally dedicated aim of Gangasagar to install Chandini as the Prime Minister of India. While Chanakya’s story requires nothing more than referencing historical textbooks on the subject, PGM’s story is a shabbily written collection of all the scams that have plagued India over the past decade.

Chanakya stands on the opposite end of moral stands of Mahatma Gandhi who said cuanakyas means are not justified to achieve anything good or bad. It’s totally worth the space in your book-shelf! Complex situations,cunning solutions by Chanakya,full of action fhant by his disciples and to the point results ,make this book a must read for all politics lovers. I hope we can expect a deviation from this sanhgi in his future work.

There are several descriptions of coitus and mutilations that are not really necessary — just page filling material. A well paced political thriller that will keep you riveted. The supposedly parallel stories of the two protagonits have only one thing in common – both Chankya and PGM are consumed by their desire for power.

Book Review # Chanakya’s Chant By Ashwin Sanghi

Then, as the dust settles over the landscape, either the supposed kingmaker is hailed, or the poor sod gets roasted as a con job. Both Chanakya and his modern-day avatar, Gangasagar, are depicted as wickedly shrewd, ruthless men, who are hell-bent on achieving success at any cost, allowing nothing to stand in their way.

The book begins on an eerie note as we are introduced to an ailing Gangasagar Mishra, awaiting his imminent death in a hospital ward, while he watches his protege of years, Chandini Gupta, get shot while taking oath as the eighteenth Prime Minister of India on television.

As a result, the characterisation of the protagonists is very good indeed, but the other key characters in this book seem to be mere puppets in their hands which they are, actually. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to sanghj.

Started reading during my train journey and couldn’t stop till it was finished. The historical part depicting Chanakya is relatively grippier, but the modern day narrative is too contrived, naive and amateurish.

Bravery is simply being the only one who knows that you’re afraid. The year is BC. Vaibhav Vats Chanakya’s motive to avenge his father’s death is one thing. Where Gangasagar proved to be great Chanakya, Chandini failed to impress. Usage of wonderful quotes and saying by great people are the only point to be lauded, but then in this age of information it is rarely a problem to read such quotes.

The book is acutely well-written with apt quotes saghi in between which makes it a very pleasant experience. This book is cheaper than the B grade Bollywood movie. And some of the decisions that Pandit Mishra takes come across unconvincingly. I really wish that the author had stuck to telling us the good story he had on his hands rather than trying to make it more ‘filmable’, if you can call that. Agreed that the book is in Sanghj, but then also the revered academician, master strategician and renowned pandit will never ever use such foul language.

Will Pandit Mishra succeed ashhwin his mission to take Chandni to the top? I love the powerful messages of chanakya. It’s also the hcanakyas make-believe bi As every election unfolds, media and so-called sephologists go to a tizzy over someone whom they call The Chanakya.

I started this book with the hope of learning something about India in the 4th century. I couldn’t help it. Videos About This Book. I won’t lie so yeah there were times when I wanted to beat the crap out of some characters but I still couldn’t stop reading it.