1 Hour Quickstart Tutorial. Disclaimer. Citect Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the. Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 An introduction to the basics of Vijeo Citect This tutorial will guide you to build and run a project with Vijeo Citect V Download: Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial – Citect SCADA.

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If the directory does not exist Vijeo Citect will automatically create it for you when it saves the file. Getting Started 16 3.

Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial | Schneider Electric

Select Eng Units from the drop-down and add four more fields to the Speed item and select Format, Deadband and Historize filling in the fields as you go. Generate both the speed and manual quic, for Pump 1. You can return and adjust the individual junctions of the pipe to fine-tune its position and shape later, including moving, removing or inserting junction points.

Because we are working with an Equipment Type rather than an individual piece of equipment, we can think of the Command item as being a common property to all equipment that will be based on this Type.

Click OK and the backup will commence. Select the Appearances tab on the horizontal tabs, and the General tab on the vertical tabs. When you switch tabs, this menu will automatically update and give you the list of commands relevant to the page that is being displayed.

In some applications more than one processor may be required when backup redundancy is needed. Your page should now look something like this: It is not intended to replace any specific product documentation, nor any of your own design documentation. If cutect have the Grid tool turned on, press F8 to disable the Snap to Grid function, otherwise the buttons will only move to the nearest grid position.

Once the runtime parameters have been established, the project configuration can be updated at any time without runing the wizard again.

Please contact your local Schneider Electric office for details of training.

However, sometimes you’ll want to align a group of objects quickly relative to each other. This is because the hot spot or anchor point for this symbol is in the top left of qkick symbol rather than in the middle.

Making sure everything is drawn precisely, aligned correctly and evenly spaced also helps to make your pages look professional. Click and drag to place a rectangle around your buttons and lights. Make sure Current Project is selected along with all search options checked.

Expand the tree to Pane 1 and modify the background color. Use the zoom box to see exactly where the objects are positioned to the nearest pixel. Once you are satisfied with the color of your text click OK. Copy the Symbol Set and place the new one next to the Auto button. Click the save icon to save your page. Notice This document is not comprehensive for any systems and does not absolve users of their duty to uphold the safety requirements for the equipment used in their systems, or compliance with both national or international safety laws and regulations.

Then, click on the down arrow next to Acknowledge Page and select the Disable Page option from the drop- down list. A cursor symbol of a full hand will move the entire pipe.

Vijeo Citect V7.20 Quickstart Tutorial

Next, you need another control to turn the pump on and off. In our case, you will simply Slide the Shading Cursor on the right-hand side up to a very pale shade, then click OK to finish. From the Menu select Tuyorial, Show Zoom.

Make sure your Tutorial project is selected at the bottom of the form, then locate and click on your symbol library, mytanks. Using Numbers and Keyboard Data Entry 59 5. Then starf the OK button. Once you are satisfied with the position and shape of both pipes, select both pipes by holding down the Ctrl Key and clicking on each pipe.