No articles are available for Corrigiola telephiifolia in the Encyclopedia of Life. EOL invites you to contribute articles about Corrigiola telephiifolia suc. Image of Corrigiola telephiifolia. Corrigiola telephiifolia Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA Corrigiola est un genre végétal de la famille des Caryophyllaceae. Principales espèces[modifier | modifier le code]. Corrigiola imbricata Lapeyr. – Corrigiole imbriquée; Corrigiola litoralis L. – Corrigiole des rives, Corrigiole des grèves; Corrigiola telephiifolia Pourr.

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Complementary and alternative medicine: Table 7 Effect of a forty-day oral administration of Corrigiola telephiifolia extract on relative organ weights of Wistar rats. Indeed, the serum protein concentration may telehpiifolia following a prolonged deficit in food consumption, a reduced protein synthesis or as a consequence of an elevated protein loss through renal dysfunction or hemorrhage [ 29 ].

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The aqueous ethanol extract was concentrated to dryness under vacuum. Charts showing breakdown of occurrence records [counting] records. Pharmacogenomics of sex difference in chemotherapeutic toxicity. The hematological parameters were not significantly different between the treated rats and the control group Table 4. No images available for this taxon If you have images for this taxon that you would like to share with NBN Atlas, please upload using the upload tools.

Topics in HIV Medicine.

The biological action of saponins in animal systems: Chapman and Hall; However, the production, prescription, and use of these plants are not currently regulated. Toxicological evaluation of Catha edulis leaves: They were fed ad libitum with Cicalim pellets Cicalim s. Adult Swiss albino mice and Wistar rats of either sex were used for the acute and forty-day toxicity studies, respectively. The current state of serum biomarkers of hepatotoxicity. Receive alerts when new records are added.

A forty-day oral toxicity study was consequently performed.

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Support Center Support Center. Determinations were carried out in accordance with procedures described by Harborne [ 24 ]. Effect of a forty-day oral administration of Corrigiola telephiifolia extract on relative organ weights of Wistar rats.

Effect of a forty-day oral administration of Corrigiola telephiifolia root extract in rats. There were also no statistically significant differences in the relative organ weights Table 7. Much higher telephifiolia pose toxicological risks.

When burned, the root of this plant releases an aromatic fume. Is Berlina grandiflora Leguminosae toxic in rats?

Coreigiola Journal of Medicine. The subsequent increase of membrane fluidity was supposed to be one of the key steps in saponin-induced toxicity [ 61 ].


A review of the biological and pharmacological activities of saponins. Saponins are known for their wide range of biological corrigiolx [ 58 — 61 ].

The protective effects of Phyllanthus emblica Linn. Compiled distribution map Compiled distribution map provided by [data resource not known]. Blood was collected in two types of tubes: Du Diagnostic au Traitement. Tissue biopsies from excised organs were fixed in Bouin’s solution.

Morocco exports annually a quantity of about tons [ 21 ]. Moroccan Journal of Biology.

Plant Biodiversity of South-Western Morocco

Table 1 Effect of single oral doses of Corrigiola telephiifolia extract in mice. Introduction Plants which are commonly used in traditional medicine are frequently promoted as natural and, therefore, harmless. Forty-Day Toxicity in Rats 3.