8 Mar First described in , Dubin-Johnson syndrome is an inherited, relapsing, benign disorder of bilirubin metabolism. This rare autosomal. 24 Nov Dubin-Johnson Syndromeis a rare inherited disorder of bilirubin metabolism. Learn all about Dubin-Johnson Syndrome. Dubin-Johnson syndrome (DJS) is an autosomal recessive condition manifested by chronic conjugated hyperbilirubinemia and accumulation of a dark pigment.

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Segregation analysis yielded results consistent with autosomal recessive inheritance with reduced penetrance. Hereditary coproporphyria Harderoporphyria Variegate porphyria Erythropoietic protoporphyria.

Dubin-Johnson Syndrome information. Symptoms, Treatment | Patient

For details see our conditions. Human traits, including the dubin johnson syndrome genetic diseases, are the product of the interaction of two genes, one received from the father and one dubin johnson syndrome the mother.

The disorder can occur in all races. Calderon and Goldgraber described a Peruvian patient whose parents were first cousins. The documents contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only.

Epub Jul Additionally, several people in the Japanese population have been diagnosed with Dubin-Johnson syndrome. No treatment is usually needed. Dubin johnson syndrome by the Internet Archiveretrieved March 24, Association with factor-VII deficiency.

Yellowing of the skin. A diagnosis of acalculous cholecystitis was confirmed. C ] – Increased frequency in Persian Jews 1: Visit the website to explore the biology of this condition.

National Institutes of Health. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis is a chronic progressive liver disorder thought to be related to abnormalities of the immune system.

Related diseases are conditions that have similar signs and symptoms. Dubin—Johnson syndrome dubin johnson syndrome a benign condition and no treatment is required. The diagnosis was confirmed by means of abdominal ultrasonography.

Dubin–Johnson syndrome

The standard errors of these means were 1. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr.

See answer Have a question? Check this box if you wish to receive a copy of dubin johnson syndrome message. Medical and Science Glossaries. Making a diagnosis for a genetic or cubin disease can often be challenging.

Prevalence in the general population is unknown. Symptoms of the following dubin johnson syndrome can be similar to those of Dubin Johnson Syndrome.

Pregnancy or use of oral contraceptives may cause the disease to become dubin johnson syndrome in women when no symptoms appeared previously. Diagnostic methods Diagnosis should be suspected in johnsom exhibiting isolated conjugated hyperbilirubinemia i.

Dubin-Johnson syndrome

American College of Physicians. MRP2 transports substances out of cells. In dubin johnson syndrome mutation, only core glycosylation of the protein occurs, which interferes with transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the canalicular membrane of the hepatocyte.

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