EXAIR Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air – with no moving parts. The compact Cabinet Cooler can be installed. What is an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System? A low cost, reliable way to cool and purge electronic control panels. EXAIR Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube . EXAIR Cabinet Coolers, Cooling electronic control, Picking the right Cabinet Cooler, NEMA 4, NEMA 12, NEMA 4x, buy now at Eputec.

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Model NEMA 12 1, Btu/hr Cabinet Cooler w Therm

Lightweight and easy to use, the Vac-u-Gun has durable die cast construction with no moving parts cabijet wear out. The spring-loaded valve instantly shuts off the air supply if the air gun is dropped. It can accurately maintain a constant temperature that is slightly under the maximum rating of the electronics, permitting just enough cooling for the electronics without going so cold as to cabinef compressed air.

Filter Separator Filter Separator. They are available in many cooling capacities for large and small control panels. The Ultrasonic Leak Detector ULD is a hand-held, high quality instrument that can locate costly leaks in a compressed air system. The Universal Air Knife Mounting System can be articulated into any position and provides a maximum extension of 30″ mm.

The typical noise level reduction is 10 dBA. These single stage, cylindrical units are compact and easy to mount at the point of use.

With an optional pressure regulator, the air volume and velocity are infinitely adjustable over a wide range, for light to heavy duty applications. EXAIR’s Pressure Regulators permit easy selection of an operating pressure that will allow the air product to work properly without using excessive amounts of compressed air.

Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzle and Accessories. What temperatures can the ETC exqir set to? Siphon fed nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to cP. They are available in many cooling capacities for large and small control panels. Gen4 Ionizing Bars are ideal for relatively flat materials, where the bar can be mounted close to the product surface.

It is ideal for those hard to reach spaces, confined areas that require a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions or on a benchtop. Systems for continuous operation include a Cabinet Cooler, cold air distribution kit and filter. With the turn of a knob, you can select the temperature best suited to your application. Compact – install in minutes.

Operation is quiet 76 dBA and there are no moving parts to wear out. They also eliminate harmful dead end pressures. Size and time required to install Air-to-air heat exchangers vary in size, but even the smallest units can have large dimensions. Now you can put together the best combination that suits your blowoff, cooling, drying or cleaning application.

Flexible tubing that holds its position directs the cabineg air. EXAIR’s Model 60 Gallon Receiver Tank can be installed near the point of high demand so there is an additional supply of compressed air available for a short duration.

Both the outlet and inlet can be ducted for remote positioning. Thus, the control cabinet is both cooled and purged with cool, clean air. Pressure Gauges and Thermostat.

For hands free operation, an optional Model Foot Pedal requires floor or machine mounting is available. The Standard Air Wipe is coooler good choice when the added durability of stainless steel screws, shims and hose are not required.

Its high powered vacuum is able to lift liquids up to 15 feet vertical and fill a 55 gallon drum in less than 85 seconds.

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler – Cabinet Cooling – Picking the right Cabinet Cooler

Accessory-Thermostat and Valve Kit. Extension Pipes for hard to reach areas are also available.

Tubing connectors and adhesive backed clips to hold the tubing in place are provided. Only the cool, clean, dry air enters the cabinet — no dirty, hot humid outside air is ever allowed into the cabinet! Exir the unit needs to be removed, blocking rings are available. With incredibly high blowing forces these nozzles are ideal for part ejection as well as blowoff, cooling and drying applications. EXAIR engineered Air Nozzles and Jets produce outlet flows up to 25 times compressed air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as the power source.

Adjustable Spot Cooler and Accessories.

Designed for tough industrial environments, the hardened alloy construction resists premature wear while the increased power handles difficult jobs and harsh conditions. Heat build up on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. The spring-loaded valve instantly shuts off the air supply if the air gun is dropped. But, this type of a solution does give some cause for concern, especially when considering their use in an industrial environment.

The enclosure must be sealed to prevent condensation. Made from SS for corrosion resistance. Hard-hitting force is measured in pounds, not ounces.

What is the maximum operating temperature for the Cabinet Cooler System? You may also be interested in the following product acbinet. EXAIR offers most standard nozzles in a high force version. It is ideal for use on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. They are available with a thermostat control.

Cabinet Coolers

Chip Shields are also great for keeping coolant from spreading everywhere during cbainet operations. It has a durable, stainless steel construction that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. If your application may require moving your vacuum around the plant, these dollys are rugged and will make moving the vacuum systems from place to place easy. It has a durable, stainless steel construction that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications.