SKAND HAST REKHA Shastra. likes. This page will update videos regarding palmistry so that you can come to know the basics of palmistry. हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे | Hast Rekha Shastra download – हस्त रेखा पढ़ना सीखे हिंदी में Hast Rekha shastra ke upay in Hindi is Very good. 23 Jun Download Hast Rekha Shastra – हस्तरेखा apk and all version history for Android. हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे Hast Rekha Shastra in Hindi.

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Introduction and History of Palmistry.

हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे | Hast Rekha Shastra –

Palmistry Hast Hast rekha shastra Shastra. Back of the hand-hair and veins. Various lines and traits, their shapes, development of mounts, shape of palm, flexibility, hardness, colour of palm, shape and size of thumb and various fingures, shape of nails, the colour of nails, position of moons on the nail, visiblity of veins on back portion of palm etc. Seven Types of hands. The palm of one person does not resemble with the palm hast rekha shastra others. Island in the thumb.

Rings on the mounts. Types of hand prints.

It’s fun and easy, so when you’re ready? While people with same faces can still be found on this earth, we are yet to come across “two similar hands”, which confirms the foundation of palmistry. Although Palmistry is a science and an art, by using psychic intuition a much greater understanding can be achieved.

In this course basics will be covered and you will be able to read hands in a basic way. At the time of birth rays of different planets fall on our body in different proportionate. Special marks on the lines. If you’re just starting out with 8 Ball Pool, we’ve rounded up some basic tips for beginners to help. Just take five minutes to answer a series of questions based on the lines in your hand and you will have a personalized reading or hast rekha shastra palm.

Quality, color, length of lines. A detailed palm reading helps us hast rekha shastra our inner traits and be prepared for future events accordingly.

We can help you read your palm. Basic Course Level I During this course students will be taught how to read the fundamentals of the hands which will prepare you for meaningful and accurate hand interpretations.

Luck line detailed study. Are you curious about what your palm says about you? Advanced Course Level II This is a professional course designed for students who wish to take up Palmistry as a profession. Markings and color of the nails. Sun Line detailed study. Hast rekha shastra it’s chart appear on the palms of newly born baby which is considered for the purpose of study of palmistry. Start and end points of the lines. Angle, hast rekha shastra of the thumb.

हस्तरेखा ज्योतिष शास्त्र | Palmistry in Hindi | Hastrekha Jyotish Gyan

We believe that a Palmist can interpret one’s character, fortune, and possible future events by “reading” the lines, marks, and hast rekha shastra on the palm of shzstra person’s hand. This app will allow you to get unlimited amount of Robux in Roblox game. Life line detailed study.

Shape of the Hand.

Hast Rekha Shastra Free. Detailed study of the mounts. Shapes of the nails. Despite its suppression throughout the Zhastra Ages, it is still flourishing more than ever today, especially hast rekha shastra these stressful modern times when we are all searching for truth and answers within ourselves.

Which hand should one read? Deviation from the mount. Palmistry is basically the skill of knowing a person’s fortune and understanding his personality from his palm lines and related hast rekha shastra. Mind line hast rekha shastra study. Duration 35 – 40 classes For admission and other details, please contact us on or write to us at info gssaworld. Medium of Instruction – Hindi or English.

Developed and non-developed palm. Moon in the nails. Trick 8 Ball Pool Hack Free. Diseases indicated by nails.

Hast Rekha Shastra

Which hand do I read? This course covers basic as well as advanced studies in hand reading. Handprints — theory and practical.