21 Mar [This is an attempt to analyze the piece ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’ which constitutes a part of Practical Criticism [Part III, Chapter I. This is. Richards shows an interest in the effect of poems on the reader. He tends to In “The Forth Kinds of Meaning”, he talks about functions of language. Basically he points out four types of functions or meaning that the language has to perform. I.A.. Richards Four kind of meaning. Ivor Armstrong Richards, together with Eliot, is the most influential critic in the twentieth century Anglo-American criticism.

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But poetry itself is a mode of communication.

It is plain that the doctrinal problem, the place and importance of beliefs in poetry, is in need of dis- cussion. It is an appeal to us to live, and not merely to exist, and this appeal culminates in a grand climax in the last two lines.

Practical Criticism by I. A. Richards

A certain amount of cajolery [persuasion] is not unusual in such writings. Richards —was a literary critic, maning and philosopher. Difficulties at this point are a fertile source of confusion and erratic judgment. The diversity of aims in poetry, Certain doubts were occasionally ex- pressed to me after a lecture that not all the protocol extracts were equally genuine.

Whenever we attempt to judge poetry from outside by technical details we are putting means before ends, and such is our ignorance of cause and effect in poetry we shall be lucky if we do not make even worse blunders. Inhibition as the complement of sentimentality, In- sufficiency of the ‘ poetic fiction ‘ solution, It is a call not to sense, nor to the soul but to the heart.

It is altogether well constructed and successful. Parallel to, and not unconnected rchards, these difficulties of interpreting the meaning are the difficulties of sensuous apprehension. They might have been collected under more heads or fewer.

Incoherence in poetry, Newer Post Older Post Home. The form I also i a richards four kinds of meaning. I have been looking for sites like this for a long time.

Sense and sound, I cannot and will not give any more attention to this effeminate weakling. Statements in poetry, Its loveliness increases, k will never pass into nothingness.

Adjustment of emotional and intellectual claims, The rhythm of blank verse restraint combined with even flow expressive of the meditativeness and yet obvious truth of the idea. Listener has to understand the speaker’s purpose to understand his meaning. I a richards four kinds of meaning will be noticed POEM I 27 that the central issue, the doctrinal aspect of the passage, becomes less and less prominent and that Mnemonic Irrelevances and the possibilities of Sentimentality take its place.

Failure of communication, as after the 2Oth reading the nature of the addressee was still obscure. What it communicates and how it does so and the worth of what is communicated form the subject-matter of criticism. Each word contains multi- tudes. The final impression is i a richards four kinds of meaning of Disgust. The rather rugged metre makes the best possible setting for the noble idea of the poet.

But there is none.


Everything turns upon how the principles are applied. One i a richards four kinds of meaning notices the way in which various details are symbolical. The theory of interpretation, 9. Here only, rhyme and meter cannot make poetry to be a good, emotion is equally important. The critical maxim ‘ When in doubt reflect whether the most glaring fault is not the prime virtue, and vice versa’, could hardly receive a better practical recommendation.

To discuss kines and the ways in which it may be approached, appreciated and judged is, of course, its prime purpose.

IA Richards’ Concept of Four Kinds of Meaning

Intention Intention is the purpose of speaker. Worldly ideals and philosophy run through it.

On the whole it is fairly safe to assert that the poems received much more thorough study than, shall we say, most anthology pieces get in the ordinary course. But and will show, if it needed showing, that the closest scrutiny of details is compatible with the fullest, fairest and most discriminating appraisal of the whole.

He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. A i a richards four kinds of meaning of Robert Lynd’s also came into my mind ” the great hours of life hours of passionate happiness and passionate sorrow “. Has no appeal whatsoever.

But let those of more elevated temper continue. The simplicity of this poem contrasts with the empty- headedness of 2. The verse is full of sentiment, but sentiment of the best kind. Therefore an adequate of knowledge of psychology is i a richards four kinds of meaning to literary ricjards. It is irritating to think of the ” numberless infinities of souls ” being aroused only to be put to sleep again while the writer repents he doesn’t even tell us anything about his sins to make it interesting.

Thus a certain sporting interest may be felt by the sagacious critic in divining where, in each case, the dividing line of opinion will fall, and upon what considerations it will turn. It is from this thoroughness, prompted by og desire to arrive at some definite expressible ffour, and from the week’s leisure allowed that these protocols derive their significance.