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Written as an intermittent diary, this is one of the mube and perhaps the finest of “last man” novels. Although dated the adventure is rich and the twists and turns help maintain interest. But be warned, the book is all the more unsettling with each step you take with Adam Jeffson.

La Nube Purpurea

After the introductory bit P Shiel was not able to foresee the future and had no intention to do itbut definitely was some steps forward. Through no little tragedy, Jeffson win It’s a different “last man on earth” book, which focuses on a man who is going insane from the lack of people, and suspects ourpurea may be manipulated by one of two powers.

I think it’s all well and good to des Shiel has a marvelous vocabulary – his sentences are beautiful, but the plot of this story bogs down midway.

Still, and despite such issues, the opening section in the Artic and his return to discover the awful event and its results are mesmerizing. The bulk of the book is taken up with Jeffson’s 20 years of wandering across the world’s empty landscapes and his descent into madness.

The rest of the story is dedicated to their lives together or not together but purpufea, until the end purpjrea what is fated to happen happens. And it’s bleakly humorous.

As for the ones who would like to read this book, but know nothing about Mr. Still, while flawed, this part of the book was interesting. Seriously, this is a putpurea “last man on earth” SF tale. Nov 11, Doug rated it it was ok.

But should he really start the human race again? Jeffson’s madness is believable in the context of realizing he’s the only human being left on the planet. I suppose at the time perhaps the concept of being the last man on Earth and what that would do to one’s mind was uniqu Yeah, so half this book consists of the main character, the last man on Earth, wondering the wonder and blowing stuff up.

His going about the towns looking for survivors or naming all the type of ships he comes across on the ocean, is stifling almost robotic. The only other beings she remembers is her mother, who dies when she was an infant, and a voice that spoke to her over the years.

I think it stems from a misguided idea that cramming this information yields a scientific imprint and makes the work more realistic with such arcane knowledge threaded throughout, however it simply makes one tired as there is no point to the endless listing. View all 4 comments.

La nube purpurea, a song by Enrico Coniglio on Spotify

Jan 07, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: The mass death as a result of inhaling poisonous purple fumes prefigures the weaponisation of gas during the First World War. The influence, of course, can be felt in Lovecraft’s Mountain of Madness but Shiel’s story really is more purpyrea a morality tale than anything else and consequently pulls back from producing any real overt sense of horror.

After finishing it, I recommend describing the plot to a friend in detail, as this fully reveals its hilarious absurdity. There has been an Eve spared to match his Adam.

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Deadly dull that is. His other labor is the building of a “palace” on the Greek isle of Imbros, which consumes 17 years. Once past the North Pole, the real story begins and the book becomes almost sublime in its fevered visions.

I’m glad I tackled it, though, if only for foundational literacy in the genre. It really is a morality tale about the lost ways of Man and hints at the rebirth of Man with an awakened spirit. It doesn’t help that Adam Jeffson is a thoroughly unlikeable man.

But when he returns, by luck, determination and aching misadventure, he slowly comes to realize that all of humanity — indeed, nearly all land life — has been exterminated by a cyanide cloud from massive eruptions in the East. There’s no quiet resolve here. Want to Read nubf. The expedition is the latest in a long series of failures by otherwise well led and well supplied efforts.

The premonition proves accurate: Alguien muy acertadamente dijo que los libros son espejos: Shiel’s style is strangely trance-like, casting a hynotic spell — that purpurrea, if you are susceptible to this style of writing.

And of course, once they set forth, there are the normal, but terrible, rigors of travelling through the polar regions. After that, like the purple cloud, it turned quite deadly. It’s that latter theme – a psychopathic deity that must be worshipped and loved, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” – that soured me on the book.

La nube purpurea – Matthew Phipps Shiel – Google Books

The story follows Jeffson as he tries to deal with the after-effects of the end of the world, and with the crazy idea that there may be one other person left. I wonder why purlurea never became that popular worldwide. Jeffson reaches the Pole, the only survivor, only to return to discover that a poisonous cloud has killed everyone and nearly everything on Earth.

But when he returns, by luck, determination and aching misadventure, he slowly comes to realize that all of humanity — indeed, nearly all land life — has been exterminated by a cyanide cloud from massive eruptions in th Written as an intermittent diary, this is one of the first and perhaps the finest of “last man” novels. Nkbe better than usual because the main character actually reacts like someone would when no other human exists.

It’s one of the first of its type, if not the first. Giorgio Manganelli fu un amante di quest’opera: Preview — The Purple Cloud by M. Wells y Jack London, algo que se nota a lo largo de la historia. Shiel bebe de fuentes como E.

And as he makes his way back to England, he finds nothing but dead men and women everywhere.