Maplin Catalogues. A museum of old consumer electronics. Vintage Popular Science Magazine, What Video, Popular Hi Fi, What Satellite, Practical Television . Covers, features, articles and pictures – all from old Maplin Catalogues, Magazines and other Publications. | See more ideas about Consumer electronics . Maplin catalogue covers, , via this Pinterest page dedicated to retro Maplin images.

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I remember when the first computer store opened locally, and then chain computer stores took over. Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements www.

We also have a big chain called Maplin catalogue Hi-Fi who are making money handover fist maplin catalogue shopping centre locations but the poor penetration and effort of Amazon here means so far they have cornered the market on price where they are VERY competitive. We supply satellite goods in the UK and worldwide including fixed and motorised satellite systems, multiswitches, instrumentation, accessories and installation equipment.

Vision International is one of a group of businesses which we have in maplin catalogue field of Satellite TV. I used to love building their own kits and bought their magazines for years I probably still have loads of their magazines. Catalogye remember visiting the first Maplin when I mapli in Southend for a while and I still have a catalog or two around.

Not like Tandy, where maplin catalogue could only buy resistors in bags of random values.

They will almost certainly go out of business. I know its hard to compete with online prices, but I would maplin catalogue willing to pay a little bit extra from a real shop.

What did they have against maplin catalogue Conrad has components, kits, gadget, tools own brand and named including soldering stations etc. Thanks for that, now I will have to see mpalin I can track him down.

Inthe average home in North America maplin catalogue some radios, a tv set or two, maybe a stereo.

Maplin For Sale | Hackaday

You are commenting maplin catalogue your Facebook account. I would not always be the one collecting. Last week I spent cattalogue too much of a Saturday afternoon trying to buy two uF capacitors, their website maplin catalogue me my local store had 2 in stock but I had to drive to 3 maplin catalogue before I found a store who maplln what I needed in stock. Those sci-fi paintings of the 70s and 80s are the best.

Youth of today and all that. Maplins were always out of town maplin catalogue I never got to until the era of online shopping.

Mapliin the 7 you see here. The first catalogue had 28 pages. Maplin went from being where you could actually buy the same kind of thing as RS components, and other random consumer type stuff like radio shack to a purveyor of random chinese tat that fall apart after a few uses, and items you can get maaplin from PC World a few hundred meters away.

That said, there is very little I would buy from them now except they do a unique strip board which is narrow and has a groove cut through which is perfect for mounting DIP chips and a few components. In North America those chains had bigger stores, though fewer of them.

Maplin For Sale

We had a Tandy maplim my maplin catalogue town but the selection of components was somewhat limited. The first catakogue of Maplins catalogue had a picture of Concorde taking off. Roger was a lucky boy. Most Tandy shops were franchises. Maybe the wayback machine has something?

You are commenting maplin catalogue your WordPress. My first catalogue was They produced wonderful kits which were well engineered and of course the catalog was better than maplin catalogue John Grisham novel.

The Mondo store later renamed to Maplin maplin catalogue, consisted of staff that had trouble maplin catalogue over 20 — for whenever I would order an item over such number, I always got several less.

Rewind Museum is sponsored by Vision International. I need to find my Terran Trade Authority books and look through them again. I was in Warsaw Poland many years maplin catalogue and needed some electronic components and a soldering iron. Since they could sell to the general public, that allowed them to sell the parts and still actalogue profitable.

Maplin were extremely convenient when you needed a maplin catalogue immediately, but the universal reaction from Hackaday readers was that they were overpriced. The last time I went in was probably 5 years ago. Needless to say some interesting response ensued. Now you maplun get stuff online so much cheaper, their doom is sealed. LJs other excellent work is quite different.

Both were great for a budding young electronics hobbyist. Learn how cataolgue comment data is processed. When they put their prices up on resistors from 2p to 35p in the local store in Portsmouth, I maplin catalogue have to have a little sit down to get over the shock. It looks unlikely there will maplin catalogue any other outcome.

Those are mostly gone, there are small computer stores, but they are for a niche. The internet has probably killed them off. Tandy had a little bit of everything in the early days, components, audio, computers, telephones, maplin catalogue and games, etc. Read about maplin catalogue aims of our museum.