5 Jun Initial Inspection. The first part of the retreading process is to inspect the tyre to see whether it meets with our stringent quality specifications. Tyre Retreading by Hot Retreading Process. S. Ajeeth Kumar*. UG scholar, Mechanical department, Sethu institute of technology, Madurai, India. There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality standards to.

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A uniform layer of Black vulcanizing cement is applied on the crown of the tyre. Retreading is applied to casings of spent tires that have been inspected and repaired.

To understand this figure, it is equivalent to lining up passenger tires tread to tread from roughly Los Angeles to San Diego or Philadelphia to Washington DC. The NHTSA is continuing research to determine the proportion of tire debris from retreads in comparison to new tires.

The combination of heat, time and pressure ensures that the new rubber is correctly vulcanised, resulting in a tyre with the same tread pattern and depth as the matrix specification for which it was intended. Arguments in favour of precure retreading: Without the flap the curing bag comes in contact with the heat which weakens the curing bag.

Collection of Casings Worn tyres are collected to select suitable casings for tyre retread. Site Map Terms and Conditions. Therefore, retreading tyres means extending the life time of the product improving its yield in kilometers, valorizing the casing and exploiting completely the investment already done by the purchase of the new tyre. State of the Art Autoclave software package.

Precure retreading requires high-quality carcasses. The buffed tyre needs a thin layer of cushion gum to be wrapped around its crown area. All retreaded tyres are encouraged to be returned with the sidewalls painted using a light coat of black tyre paint. Curing by Chamber The tyre is then placed in a curing chamber and the pre-cured tread becomes adhered to the tyre through a vulcanizing process.

Material costs are higher than hot retreading material, since the precured tread is already vulcanised and is therefore a more heavily-processed product. The use of a continuous strip ensures that the tyre is perfectly balanced for service.

Because a retread tire prevents the need for manufacturing a new tire, significant environmental benefits are achieved.

The shape and tread of the tyre are created in the heating press. Use of retreaded tires was common historically, but as pfocessit was seldom used for passenger vehicles, mainly due to discomfort on the road, safety issues and cheaper tire brands surfacing on the market.

This requires profess high level of investment in a range of moulds, which will be needed to be regularly updated. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Retread tires in service lower the volume of raw materials required for the manufacturing of a new tire.

The second examination sees the tyre go through an inflation test, where it is rapidly inflated to psi. Initial Inspection Each tyre received in a retread plant is subjected to a rigorous visual inspection.

The skived surface should be made rough by rasping. The black vulcanizing cement is then allowed to dry 45 minutes at room temperature. Therefore it must be ensured, there are no injuries which might reduce the safety or performance of the retreaded tire. Less investment is required on the part of the retreading plant no expensive moulds and lower follow-up costs, since it is the material supplier who updates the range of moulds.

Extruder gun Tire Spotter.

What is TYRE RETREADING? – Italmatic-asia

Cementing and Filling Even in small tyrr it is critical that the injury is cleaned and filled. The bonding gum is applied on the tyre and the stitching is done at low pressure.

Hot retreading also allows extensive repairs to be carried out on the tyre carcass e. A dedicated mold is required for each tire size and tread design. What is tyre retreading?

Therefore the tire is placed into an envelope which presses the precured tread uniformly on the cushion gum and the casing. The problem of tyres disposal is particularly heavy; approx.

Retread – Wikipedia

With professional planning from Newera engineers, you can be retrfading of workstations designed to maximize output and ease workflow. As a final check, the tyre goes through another scanning process known as shearography which detects minor separations or porosity invisible to the naked eye.

Procesx plants have their casings hoisted by monorail systems. Initial Inspection The initial inspection is done to evaluate the casing. Should a minute hole be detected, an arc is produced which stops the machine and alerts the operator to the location of the penetration for the repair to be made.

Tires can be retreaded multiple times if the casing is in usable condition.

Tyre Retreading Machinery

In Europe all retreads, by law, must be manufactured according to EC Regulation car retreaeing or commercial vehicle tires. If the casing is in good condition, it can be used as a base for a new retread tire. The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres.

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