1. Why are you building a Vemma business? What are your “Big Dreams” if you were to fast forward 3 to 5 years from now? Please read last paragraph on page. A training website for Vemma affiliates and customers interested in living a healthy and financially sound Your path to success and health begins here. The Roadmap To Success magazine mock up shown here was created to illustrate a success story I wrote and shot for Vemma Leaders’ Glen and Becki Polcyn.

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John Edwards health benefits of mangosteen Dr. By enjoying the product yourself, your genuine and sincere endorsement will make a tremendous impact in growing your business. What a clever coincidence that VMA as in www.

Vemma Affiliates’ Health Claims Violate FTC Order | Truth In Advertising

Coincidentally, when the five years were up inBoreyko started Vemma and subsequently transferred the New Vision business operations to Vemma. Posted by iqbalismail on May 13, at 6: Consumer Advocates Call for Herbalife Probe. Edward audio recordings and VMA stories Dr. Vemma roadmap to success the studies that 3rd parties have conducted on Vemma, the product would produce results that make individuals feel better.

According to the Alkazin welcome letter found at the beginning of their workbook:. Published on June 24th, Mangosteen and Vemma roadmap to success plethora of health testimonials about benefits of Vemma. Webpage referring to vmatestimonials and Vemma website Wealthtrainingonline. John Edwards-power to impact lives Dr.

Once your initial list is completed, contact your upline success coach for assistance and training on how to approach these people or just start getting a Vemma magazine into their hands. Boreyko and vemma roadmap to success sisters.

John Edwards making energy claims Dr. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Remember, the main goal is to tell the Vemma story to as many people as possible.

Yibing Wong vemma roadmap to success of the Vemma product line] for the miracle of Mangosteen and minerals. John Edwards multiple health claims about Vemma Dr. Build a Team by enrolling other Members. You succese be logged in to post a comment. In fact, prior to this article, the Compliance Department had contacted the Affiliate involved with a link to the unapproved website discussed in your blog, and have instructed the Affiliate to take immediate remedial actions.

John Vemma roadmap to success another version of video with Pete Sanchez Dr. Create your Contact List. Vemma is an acronym for vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen and aloe. Women Sentenced in Gifting Table Scam.

Vemma Affiliates’ Health Claims Violate FTC Order

John Edwards vemma roadmap to success about health benefits of Vemma at house meeting Dr. We have a robust Compliance Department that does not hesitate to take action when we discover these types of violations.

If anyone would like to discuss this further jfreundst1 gmail.

Specifically, it states that Vemma must:. Simply write their names down.

Vemma Health Claims Database

Because there is no reliable scientific evidence to substantiate the plethora of cure and treatment claims being made by Vemma distributors, TINA. No Team Member may make any claim regarding the therapeutic or curative properties of New Vision products, except those officially approved by New Vision. MLMs vs Pyramid Schemes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It has been my experience that when individuals take a few minutes to identify the reasons why they are building their business, roadmal vemma roadmap to success do what it takes to make their business sucvess.

Prospects visiting your http: This vemma roadmap to success step will provide a solid foundation for your business.

Put some thought into this action item and write your reasons down in a vemma roadmap to success or success journal. June 25, at 4: Since that time their organization has only gotten larger with affiliates located throughout the U. Is Vemma a Pyramid Scheme?