Course Contents. ||. Department Details. ||. Message Board. ||. Module 1 · Module 2 · Module 3 · Module 4 · Module 5 · Module 6 · Module 7. Structural Analysis 2. View Test Prep – m8l19 from CI 11 at JNTU College of Engineering. Module 8 Reinforced Concrete Slabs Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur Lesson 19 Two-way. Version 2 CE IIT Kharagpur Typical cross section through the embankment portion from CIVIL at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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Assemble member stiffness matrices to obtain the global stiffness matrix for a beam. Member, m, node oints. Hence to obtain, horizontal reaction, one mst develo an exression for strain energy.

The sloes of the cable at m and n are denoted by and resectively. Innovate yor way to clearer financial reporting October PwC I Innovate yor way to clearer financial reporting t 1 Contents Introdction More information.

Water Resources Engineering – (Malestrom)

Analytical study for the identification of the corresponding couples of points on the frames of a plane trajectory. The Stress Fnction Method An effective wa of dealing with bersion two dimensional problems is to introdce a new nknown, the Air versoin fnction, an idea broght to s b George Air in The tension T ab F T cos H x ab ab.

In the above eqation, s is the length of the centerline of the arch, I is the moment of inertia of the arch cross section, E is the Yong s modls of the arch material.

Usally, the horizontal reaction is treated as the redndant and is evalated by the method of least work.

We will More information. Practical experience from torsional vibration measurements and analysis of reciprocating compressors – Case studies Practical exerience from torsional vibration measurements and analysis of recirocating comressors – Case studies by Dr.

Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur | EduRev Notes

In this lesson, the analysis of lane frame by direct stiffness matrix method is discssed. In modern times they are being constrcted of reinforced concrete kharabpur steel.

Using GPU to Compute Options and Derivatives Iir Algorithmic Trading has created an increasing demand for high performance compting soltions within financial organizations. The indeterminate reactions are determined by the method of least work or by the flexibility matrix method. Does there exist a basis B for R sch that the B-matrix for T is a diagonal matrix? Introdction Mainly three tyes of arches are sed in ractice: Coordinate Transformation Khargapur Transformation Coordinate Transformations In this chater, we exlore maings where a maing is a function that “mas” one set to another, usually in versoon way that reserves at least some of the underlyign More information.

EI zz EI zz radians. Cable is a fniclar strctre. This may be written in comact form as, T ‘. Alying eqations of eqilibrim, we get Fy T sin T T sin q x. Internal Forces forces and couples exerted on a member or portion of the structure More information.

Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur

In the last two lessons of this modle, two hinged arch and hingeless arches are considered. Now let s modify or definition of cable. In this lesson threehinged arch is discssed. By continuing, I agree that I am at least 13 years old and have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Introdction Cables and arches are closely related to each other and hence they are groed in this corse in the same modle.

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Identify three-hinged, two-hinged and hingeless arches. Again, if the coordinate of node T j is and coordinate of node are,y x k,y x, then, x x l cos and y y m sin. The given continos beam is divided into two beam elements.

A cable of niform cross section is sed to san a distance of m as shown in Fig.

IIT Kharagpur – NPTEL Online

The rocedre to imose bondary conditions on the load-dislacement relation is discssed. Considering no recharge of water from top, the flow takes place in the direction of fall of the hydraulic head, h, which is a function of the coordinate, x taken in the flow direction. Evalate the horizontal thrst and the maximm bending moment in the arch.

The elements used in commercial codes can be classified in two basic categories: They have been added to the web site for engineers seeking knowledge on why valve elements More information. The lane frame is divided in to two beam elements as shown in Fig. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Overview Flows along rivers, throgh pipes and irrigation channels enconter resistance that is proportional. Writing the load dislacement relation for the entire continos beam. Where is the angle made by the tangent atd with horizontal vide Fig.

The eqivalent joint loads de to sort settlement versin external loading are shown in Fig. Applications of Newton s Laws. And sort reactions are evalated from eqation 7.

Hence, y C ay